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The Peregrine Falcons of York Minster


Publication date: September 2020

“A new collection from Carole Bromley! Oh yes! We know it’s going to be good; we know that we can trust this poet who never seems to forget her reader, or to remember to entertain. A collection of cool-eyed, warm-hearted poems, with a glorious confidence of proper nouns; Aertex shirts, twin-tubs, ‘a framed photograph of Rhyl’, a ‘Santa Claus custard jug’, Frosted Strawberry Squares… Here is a collection with its knickers off and on; and yet beautiful, sensitive, intelligent work, and I am in awe of her killer lines in and out of each poem.” –
Deborah Alma

“I love to read Carole Bromley’s poems, for the clarity of the people and the places she shows us; for the observant comedy, the principled feminism and the doughty class politics; for the clean, spare language; for the wisdom; and for the way she coils these things together and makes them take flight. This late collection, with its meditations on family, illness and mourning, is an unsparing but magnificent achievement.” – Kate Clanchy

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Sodium 136


Publication date: November 2019

“If poetry’s work is to speak to the universal through the particular, then Sodium 136 is a triumph. With the profound insight of personal experience, Carole Bromley captures the complex experience of serious illness, affording equal worth to the mundane and terrible with a beautiful and uncompromising directness. This is not just a record of physical suffering – it is a powerful and profoundly intelligent exploration of grief, gratitude, fear, love and joy. Poetry at its best.” – Clare Shaw

“These are remarkable, extraordinary poems.” – Peter Sansom

“As a doctor, I found this collection a revelation and a delight. I went willingly with this patient on her eloquent journey” – Denise Bundred

“If you are a poet, one way to deal with your hospitalisation and treatment is to make it into art, as Carole Bromley does so ably in Sodium  136… Hurrah for that, her survival and this collection” – Kate Noakes

Blast Off!

60  |  9781910367766

Publication date: September 2017

‘Here are poems to intrigue and delight children with their mischief, wit and darts of piercing insight. Blast Off moves fast, whizzing and sparkling all its fireworks.

A wide variety of subjects are approached from all sorts of surprising directions. Animals rule here with all their energy and magic, beautifully portrayed both in the wild and in zoos.

And the adult reading over the child’s shoulder will enjoy every upswing of energy and imaginative reach to be found here. Highly recommended!’ – Penelope Shuttle

‘Carole Bromley’s Blast Off is full of fun, wit and delight in language and is perfectly attuned to real children in real places with real joys and concerns. The whole book is a pleasure.’ –

George Szirtes

Ten, nine, eight…

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2016 York Culture Awards winner

The Stonegate Devil


Publication date: 31 October 2015

…intensely alive and human, breathing with warm everyday language..’ – Rachel Bower, Stand

It showcases an ability to write agile, humorous, well-sprung poems whose mood can change suddenly as though we have walked from sunlight into chill shadow..’ – Roy Marshall, The Interpreter’s House

Colloquial speech and idiom, the rhythm of a natural speaking voice, a shaping intelligence that seems effortless: these are the hallmarks of Bromley’s work, whether writing about place and history or about her own experience..’ – D A Prince, London Grip

Her poetry reaches a destination, in this case her home of York. Bromley tells us of her Yorkshire, in rich poems with a full suitcase of history..’ – Grant Tarbard, Saboteur

A writer who knows just what to put in and what to leave out. Everything that is not there is as important as everything that is there – great economy of the writing.’ – R. V. Bailey

Cleverly done, not a romantic cliché to be seen…simple but curiously touching.’ – Gillian Clarke

A Guided Tour of the Ice House

64pp  |  978-1-906613-31-0

Winner of the Poetry Business Book and Pamphlet Competition.

‘Carole Bromley’s A Guided Tour of the Ice House has family as its focus. It arrives sporting acknowledgements and prizes garnered during its ten year gestation… It is death and the vanishments associated with transience that dominate the collection but Bromley’s best poems are located on the flip side of this, less in grief than in moments of vivid experience picked from the terrifying flux, a process imaged as testing the air ‘like one of those fallow deer at the edge/ of the lake, sensing danger’ (‘In Another Life’). Many poems here give pleasure by knowing when to hesitate. And they promise successful evolution in collections to come.’ – Martyn Crucefix, Poetry London

‘She creates her emotional effects by wringing pathos from ordinary and familiar facts.’ – Andrew Motion

‘A sort of Elizabeth Bishop atmosphere I felt very much at home in.’ – Selima Hill

‘She gets under the skin of her subject in an impressively direct and imaginative way.’  – Don Paterson

Simplicity startles, in delicate sympathy. Bromley’s strong, courageous work can carry readers to unexpected, transforming destinations.’ – Alison Brackenbury, Poetry Review

‘Like the ice described in its title poem, A Guided Tour of the Ice House brims with an accessible yet brittle fragility, combining the past and present into one well-whittled whole. These are poems to enjoy indefinitely, displaying an admirably-crafted lyricism, an eye for personal details grounded in our moment, and thoughts and feelings that bear the qualities of timelessness.’  – Dominic Hale, The Cadaverine



32pp  |  9781906613082

Skylight was a winner in the 2008 Book & Pamphlet Competition.

‘Wry, funny, clearly-written, and – especially when their perspectives are long – startlingly fresh and new’ – Kate Clanchy

‘Heartening and haunting’ Michael Laskey



Unscheduled Halt book coverUnscheduled Halt

24pp  |  9781902382722

Unscheduled Halt was a winner in the 2004 Book & Pamphlet Competition.

Carole Bromley’s poetry has a sense of linguistic magic, with a strong ability to evoke a place. Her protean voice can shape itself to different material so that it never becomes predictable or monotonous.

‘Succinct, well-constructed and powerful.’ – Wendy Cope


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